The experience begins here (A pose a week challenge))

Photo: Krystle Marcellus

Each week I will be posting a pose for you to practice throughout the whole week. Each pose will have specific alignment cues as well as a specific amount of time to practice. So let’s begin.

Easy pose

Sit with legs crossed, one foot in front of the other. If your knees are hirer than your hips then grab a blanket or something to sit on so the knees are just below the hips. Place palms facing up on your thighs. Slight tuck of the pelvis (or butt) which allows you to ground yourself. Rib cage is pulled back slightly, so your heart shines directly forward. Neck is long. Chin is level to the ground. Tip of the tongue is on the roof of the mouth. Eyes and face are relaxed with a small Buddha smile on. Now check your alignment Ears inline with shoulders, shoulders inline with hips and your pelvis (butt) is tucked so that your back is long and in a neutral position (straight).

Now breathe

In and out your nose. Keeping the tongue at the roof of the mouth at all times. Now inhale expanding stomach, then chest. Exhale let the breath drop from the chest back into the stomach, expanding it as it fill with air, continue to exhale as you gently pull (never force the breath) your stomach in towards the spine. Four part breath


1.expand stomach

2.expand chest as stomach empties

Exhale (always longer than inhale for full cleansing of lungs)

3.chest empties, stomach fills

4.stomach gently pulls in

This should be done atleast 10min a day. For full benefits 45 to an hour.

Enjoy the breath and remember not to force it.

(This execrcise does not need to be done in easy pose. Just as long as you are able to sit and experience the breath.)

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