4 star mudra

Photos: Krystle Marcellus krystlemarcellus.com

Begin with legs a little wider than shoulder width apart.

Bending the knees no  further than the toes.

Tuck (roll  butt under) the pelvis to get the curve out of the lower back (neutral back)

Crown of head raises to the sky, creating length from tail bone to top of head (crown).

Ring finger and middle finger bend in as pointer, pinky and thumb extend (rockin out)

Open ring and middle fingers so you can place palms together (locking hands in), extending thumb and pinky of bottom, pressing pointer finger and pinky of top hand into thumb and pointer of bottom hand. (pressing from top hand pointer/thumb, pinky/pointer

Lower hands to Root Chakra (groin area), make sure both shoulders are lowered gently pulling the shoulder blades down the back and breathe….

Experiment with this one a little, break down the alignment by using a mirror (if available)

Once you have it all down practice for a min of five minutes each hand, maintaining postural alignment and breath.

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