The first time down at the Batéy I offered a class to all those who were interested and found that the kids were willing to try anything that looked fun while most of the adults were simply watching from a distance. One young adult participated (Jimmy) and followed every move I made with deep focus. I thought to teach him and whoever else that wanted to learn a more physical type class but the scarcity of food has changed that idea. So I put together a class built on building the breath and then the body. Teaching simpler movements that will generate more energy. My goal is to teach Jimmy enough so he can teach others in the Batéy. This will also open up opportunities for him to possibly teach in the city and make some money to feed his family.

Jimmy (right) practices yoga in a small bar owned by him and his sister, where locals used to spend their money, he says. Due to the constant decline of the economy in DR people have just enough money to feed their families, while those in the batéy are constantly look for a way to make any at all.  photo by: Krystle Marcellus

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