Building from the inside out.

The training has slowed down a little due to an encounter with a “covered” manhole that by accidental exploration, seems to have moved away from my foot as i stepped off a curb in town. One leg in and one leg out, looking up at the sky wondering what happened  as I hold myself up so i don’t fall all the way in. Moral of this story is even if it has a cover it’s still probably not safe to step on. Yes the Ninja skills were off.

A couple of days in bed allowed me to heal and figure out how to teach the guys with the little time I have left in the Dominican Republic. There was still a language barrier with some of the guys and I am still not sure if the guys who speak english are willing to share all the information that I give them. I thought of drawing out the flows but how can I make them simple enough to teach, direct and not take a bunch of time doing so. Answer came in the form of stick figures.

With the little time I figure that I have left I have to train them Kung Fu movie style, giving them each a flow for them to learn and teach them all in one room. So each of them can learn that flow and then they can teach each other their flow. This seems to make the most sense and is also going to be an interesting challenge. They have to maintain the discipline and patience of continuing to learn while I am gone and I am going to try to continue to train them via internet/mail. Sending them as much relevant info as I can. Some of the guys who work a little have access of some sort to the internet and Brian Newhouse of Village12 will also be a liaison communicating or simply passing info to the guys.

photo: Krystle Marcellus

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