New beginnings.

  We all walk our own paths in life, sometimes forgetting that we all walked off the same road to get to these paths. Our journeys as different as they may seem are all rooted in the same place, the heart.

Although there was a great language barrier between me and my students we still shared a common thread, the willingness and desire for change. This came in the form of both the philosophy and physicality of what Yoga means to me. I taught my students that the most important part of our practice was the heart. Explaining that the body will become stronger over time but the heart is the origin of this force that has given us Life. With only the few words that I knew in Spanish (no one spoke English) I was able to explain this concept and gain a trust that is often lost within these communities.

Their trust and openness allowed me to teach them how to look deeper.

After every class we would put our heads together, inhale, hum as we exhale and create a relaxing wave that washed over the room.

We all met as strangers and slowly remembered that we were already friends.

5 thoughts on “New beginnings.

  1. That’s so true. There are so many times I feel connected to those I have barely “known”. It’s only when I start to think about things in terms of time being the determining factor for friendship that I start to become disconnected because I question the connection in stead of letting it just be…

    I hope you’re well buddy. Keep in touch. I look forward to all the posts;)


  2. Awesome pic Gump,ur smile is priceless!!!!….The human spirit is a powerful thing and the determination and willingness they show 2 learn is AWESOME!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!


  3. Wonderful – looks like you’re teaching yoga where it really matters. Not to some spoilt, bored “high net worth individuals” dressed head to toe in Lululemon… Thanks for sharing these pics!
    Merry xmas!


  4. The universal way of communication through love, passion, and will is such a beautiful thing! It is so wonderful to see a powerful being such as yourself to be out in the world living my dream. I am soon, also, to be doing a project of this sort – my heart flutters as I manifest these magical moments, and I keep studying until these days approach. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for your true beauty of spreading the love and wellness. Thank you for your vibrations brother~

    Eternal Bliss, Love, and Light**


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