Krystle and Gump work at their apartment during their recent project in the Dominican Republic.  Photo by Krystle Marcellus

Be1Vision and Be1Being are complimentary projects that work hand in hand together.  My name is Krystle Marcellus and I am a photographer and founder of Be1Vision. Be1Being’s mission is to create balance through awareness while Be1Vision’s goal is to create awareness through communication.  I aim to empower under-documented communities like that of the Haitian population living as slaves and now displaced peoples in the Dominican Republic. Empowerment is found in doing.  Our Be1 projects focus on just that; putting power in the hands of the people through education. In the process Gump and I support each other’s programming on many levels.

It is a deep calling for both of us to use our professional skills to reach areas beyond those who traditionally receive exposure to alternative learning. I am inspired by the connection I have made with Gump in this life and use that energy that we create together, to continue moving forward. I appreciate your support for Be1 and hope you enjoy the photography work on, as it is a part of my personal photography work.  More documentary stories like this can be seen on my website at

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