Belief of a stranger…


A gift of friendship based on believing and trusting is one that stands all tests of time…..
While living and teaching at Maderas Village a group of yogis came to the village on a retreat. A lovely bunch of young professionals looking to relax and restore their spirits. Amongst them was a young supported grey haired woman who’s presence was subtle yet had great depth. I watched Agnes hung amongst the group for a few days and speak this spirited woman without ever really sharing long conversations. We spoke in silence, smiles and a casual hello here and there.
We finally sat and spoke briefly about music and other things that we had shared in common. She asked me how I had made the music I had previously recorded and I told her me and my friend used a digital recorder. She asked if I had one and I said I didn’t really have the money to purchase one
“how much are they” she replied
“like $400-500″ I said
” that’s not to expensive and you could probably use one right” her
“Yes of course” me
“Well let’s make a deal I will buy you the recorder if I get a copy of every album you record on it”
Not really putting any expectation on it I said
“Sounds like a lovely plan I will give you the copies of each” 🙂
“Ok we have a deal” her
A few months go by and I think nothing of it until one day I get an email asking how was I doing and what was the recorder that had wanted. I have her all the info and again she said”ok I’m gonna order it”.
A few weeks go by and haven’t heard a word from her. She had contacted me again x and explained how she had gotten into a bad accident skiing and needed all the info again.
I maintained no expectations from this stranger at this point and allowed it to happen or not.
Few weeks go buy and I get a package from eBay. I open it and it the recorder…….
A stranger believed in me and bought me this gift of creation and I have used it to record the sounds of the life that surrounds me daily. I have taken them and made a sound journey for all to enjoy.
All my works will always be inspired by the belief of a beautiful stranger.
Donna Armstrong you have know idea how much this belief of yours has allowed me to open up to a new world of sound and vibration that I am going to share with the world.
Always sharing/with your spirit I will be.
Many blessings, respect and love for all those who believe and give without expectations, especially to this lovely soul Donna Armstrong…………………your gift will change the world.

Holding the Sun
The breath of the Sun
Contact me for a copy
Facebook-iron gump

CD photography by….Nema (big thanks and love for allowing me to share his beautiful work)





Breathe and believe…

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