Balance through awareness.


So much more can be said. By why use more words than needed.

We allow ourselves to be taken by the insecure, fearful, uneducated and misunderstanding people that have never truly taken the time to fully understand themselves internally/externally/mentally/physically before they judge others. Their illusion of reality is often based on knowing rather than experiencing what they are speaking of. The education of experience can indeed be written down and read but it’s truth still lays within the experience itself.  Even the words you are reading now are just words until you actually try to apply them to your everyday understanding.
Every moment allows you to practice whether you see yourself as a victim of the imagination of others or for you to see the reality beyond their words.
Keep these 4 simple principles in mind ( just as a simple reminder)
1. Listen to how you speak to yourself/others and see if your judging or sharing.
2. Share without expectations good or bad.
3. Consider if your reply will help clarify things out or add more confusion.
4. Are your words based on experiential facts or beliefs that someone else shared with you.

Please feel free to add to this and all conversations by using these 4 principles in your day to day.
Experience them then share your new found awareness of the world inside and outside of you.


continue to teach yourself so you may better teach others…

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