The science of sound journeys/therapy.


A good part of the stress we all experience in the twentieth century is due to the advancements of our own technology. This same technology, combined with our traditional techniques for healing and achieving balance, may help neutralize the stress we have created.”

“Present technology allows us to affect the body/mind in two parallel ways:

1. Healing the body with physical resonance using sound frequency vibrations.

2. Changing states of consciousness using sound with sympathetic resonance of brainwave function – Brainwave Entrainment.”

This is a simple way to look at it.

Sound effects the body and mind in a way that we don’t see but definitely feel. From the seemingly silent forest to the city streets, our responses to the surroundings tend to differ in these environments. Imagine being in the forest and having the sounds of the city or being in the city with the sounds of nature surrounding you. How would your response to these environments change.

There have been many studies concerning the sounds created that we encounter daily. Most of the studies in one way or another have been overlooked because our understanding is mostly based on the tangible experiences. Understanding the effectiveness of sound therapy can come from you simply allowing yourself to be exposed to different musical genres and writing down how you initially feel from your first experience with them. With eyes closed listen, feel and also yourself to be without judgment so that you are not swayed by this. You have now your own idea of what may be true or not about how sound waves travel through us and just to give you more insightful info about this here are some photos fro Dr. Emoto study on water molecules. Mind that your body is made up of mostly liquidBelieve what you want in life and research thoroughly before you say “this” works not “that.”

Understanding comes with experiences that have been locked at with an open mind/logic. To make the infinite finite is to take creation and limit it or maybe not. Only you will know by opening to the possibilities of that beyond the senses you have been taught to use. Other interesting articles. i2 i1

Water crystal. John Lennon's song imagine
Water crystals from top-bottom -heavy metal, Bach, Korean folk song, ennon’s song imagine.

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