A way of Understanding fear.

Fear has many forms and most of us have become accustomed to one or another due to our surrounding situations. This situation whatever it may be creates an environment that will change internal body (mind, heart organs etc.) As you progress into diving deeper into this fear whether it be anxiety, misunderstanding, low self esteem or the other forms that keep you chained to them, you gradually create a complex maze within the mind, that creates separation from the body. The awareness of one (mind or body) becomes stronger than the other creating separations and imbalances between the two.
“The unsure mind creates an unsure body.”
There is something to be considered with that statement. Which is that an unsure body is always that of an obese or malnourished person for there are people who are unsure of themselves, that create a body that looks strong on th outside but inside the imbalance still live.
We look to “fix” whatever may be ailing US from the outside in hope that it will then “fix” us inside. It will indeed improve your well being to do so but looking inside while working on the outside will create a more balanced being.
Ok to much jargon that been said plenty of times. 😉
Here’s how I look at it from the outside in…inside out.
To better understand the body work from the toes up. You walk on your feet all day not your hands.
1.Create flexibility and mobility in the toes/feet. Flex, extend, rotate, spread( naturally or with separators like what people use when they get a pedicure)
·When sitting on a chair to eat, study or surf the web try this (a bit uncomfortable) stretch. Curl the toes like a fist and rest (as long as you can 😉 on your toe nails. This will open up the flexors of the toes and make your face do funny things 🙂
·Sitting on the heels/toes is another invigorating way to open up the feet.

This practice of stillness of the body activates the mind, as the activation of toes stimulates the nervous system creating a sometimes uncomfortable feeling due to stiffness in the toes/feet. Allow yourself to be in a comfortably uncomfortable space until it becomes just uncomfortable, then you want to extend your toes for a bit while sitting on your heels.

·Also in any position laying, sitting or standing flex/extend feet and rotate in all directions
2. Work on mobility of the knees. Bending, gently rotating, flexing, extending, lengthening
·Squats without weights both wide leg and feet inline with hips ( ankles directly under knees/hips) are a great way to develop and understand mobility from the feet up.
The squats can indicate where you may have tension or misalignment in the legs, hips and back. Observe whether the feet touch the ground or lift when going all the way down, the knees fall in or out, the butt pokes out/lower back hollows. Ideally you want feet to be flat, knees/ankles in line with hips, butt slightly tucked in and lower back to be neutral (flat-ish) when lowered all the way down in full squat. These observations will give you clues to your optimal mobility and allow you to work with awareness towards correcting any issues you may have.

Be patient and practice regularly without forcing the body to “do it”. Allow the body to understand the program and reset itself naturally. Enjoy.


“In a world of make believe, let us believe in what we make” gumption sutra of belief Iron Gump

Continue to teach/learn yourself. So you may reflect this understanding…

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