Make your Reality.

I haven’t been here much as my daily life has been filled with recording/editing music, creating art and formulating movements/exercises that I can share with others.

The Iron Yogis and Kung-Fu page are under construction. I am working out some of the kinks in them. Stay in contact as there are some really cool things happening as I reconstruct things on this site.


I have been doing all kinds of online work  like designing the layout of my blog, post editing recorded music as well as trying to keep up on my other sites – Soundcloud /Facebook and Instagram.

I have been drawing and designing layouts for a tee shirt line I am putting out that has been conceptualized through a Martial Arts/Philosophical/Yogic view of living. The brand encompasses three facets/names Be1, Yogic Union and Iron Yogis. Each one is an expression of the other.

T-Shirt artwork below by Monique Lingons and Layout by Iron Gump. Available for purchase soon!

Artwork below by Iron Gump and geometric/tribal art by my tattoo Guru Mony

I have also been playing as much music that I can by myself and with other friends. Also my friend from Brazil was visiting the states Jayne Pereira caught up with and asked me to be in a documentary that she is doing about local musicians/artists in Philadephia.


Life keeps itself interesting if you keep yourself interested in doing more than just living. I look forward to sharing more with all I can in the future and now.

Don’t just follow your dreams, make them “Your” reality while playing in the constructed one.

In this world of make believe. Let us believe in what we make.

blessings and talk with you soon.

Iron Gump 😛


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