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Meditative Strength Training®

At Webb Fitness and MMA and coming soon to Royal Striking



Meditative Strength Training International Coach® (MST_IC)™

Iron Gump has been trained in Kung Fu internal and external arts by Master Keith Mazza for over ten years and has been Certified Yoga teacher for 7 years training and teaching in Maui, Hi – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Dominican Republic – Nigeria – Philadelphia and NYC.
Combat Yoga is a Meditative Strength Training® (MST) program that integrates the body and breath awareness of Kung Fu and Yoga. Like the monks at Shaolin temple or India’s wrestling schools, conditioning of the body via prescribed movements is a huge part of training and moving with more efficiency through alignment and the breath create a better understanding of how to use the body.  The key is the breath and connecting it to the body so that your physical exercises become moving meditations. 

While focusing on breath and body alignment you will learn to develop (A.B.S.S.) that will allow you to find your “stillness in motion and the motion in stillness.”  

Alignment of the Body
Balancing of the Breath
Strengthening of the Heart
Stabilization of the Mind

Your muscles are like a chain that becomes weak when your body is out of alignment. When this happens you put unwanted stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons that hold the muscle to the bone.



MST Focus

  • Develop Core Stability. Within any physical practice it is important to have a stable core (abdomen and lower back) as this will protect you whether stretching or strengthening the muscles
  • Alignment Awareness. Alignment is the key to reducing the risk of injury. From your feet to your head you will learn how “Your” body feels in better alignment
  • Balanced Strength. Learn to connect the muscles like a chain so that the load is taken off the smaller muscles/joints, evenly distributing the load  throughout the muscles involved in the movement. This creates a feeling of solidity rather than the feeling of emptiness in the movements. Maneuvering on a sturdy bridge is easier than a loose rope.
  • Breathing. Learn to stabilize the breath while the body is active. This connection of breathing smoothly while the body is actively tense is the aim to achieve in balancing the body.

lotus_fingersCome reconnect with the strength that lies within us all.

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