Iron Gump
  • Iron Yogis- Meditative Strength Training International Coach (MST_IC) creator/teacher since 2002
  • B1 Community development founder
  • Shamanic Sound Journey guide
  • Artist & Musician
Body, Breath, Heart, Mind and Spirit.
Through these 5 paths, I have experienced many aspects of growth and living.
I have been practicing Qi Gong conditioning for over 15 years with a few special masters and friends. Through my martial arts training, I became drawn to the depths of Yogic philosophy and movement. In 2011 I decided to take a Yoga teacher training course to deepen my practices. After I finished the course, I spent a year developing this new understanding I had before teaching it to anyone else.
 During the time that I spent  exploring these new yet familiar concepts, I began to dive deep into music and it’s effect on the mind/body.
 Music started to become a major part of my daily life and practices. I began to share this musical experience in the form of Sound Journeys. I shared these journies with many people from around the world, so they could explore their own imaginations.

Through this understandings of energy and movement I utilize sound and vibration to guide people into spaces where they can freely explore relaxation.

 I have shared Sound Journeys in Manhattan and Connecticut board rooms and offices, Haitian refugee camps in Dominican Republic, private Japanese arboretum and local gyms in Maui, boutique hotel (Maderas Village) and in hammocks on Maderas Beach, Nicaragua and many other places close and far for the last 7 years.

Working along side Remedy Partners Inc. ( and Quartet Health (

I have lead and set the tone for corporate retreats, office openings, informative talks and more recently for Mental Health Week with Quartet Health.

My practice is an inclusive experience for people from all walks of life.


My life has been an interesting whirlwind of experiences. .

From the streets of Camden. To the forests of Hawaii. To having drinks with entrepreneurs from around the world in Nicaragua. To sharing food with Haitian refugees in the Dominican Republic who didn’t really have food to share.

With little  I have monetarily I have explored many aspects of living life in it “poorest” and most “spiritually rich” form.

After a few years of travelling with the little money I earned, I returned to Philadephia to share my music and the lessons I continue to learn through my experiences.

more movement videos on my youtube channel