Iron Yogis

iron_yogi_logo “Iron is full of impurities that weaken it, through forging it becomes steel.” Sensei Ueshiba.

What is Iron Yogis?

Iron Yogis is a practice of breathing, living, exploring and sharing life experiences that offers a mentoring experience within diverse communities.  Through music, the meditative practices of Qi Gong and Yoga, we share our understanding of balanced living. The practice works within a physical, mental and spiritual space while utilising music as a bridge to connect understanding. It is an enrichment program that respects all cultural beliefs and backgrounds.

The platform also offers other practitioners of movement a way to share their knowledge and experiences with the world around them.  We will be looking to sponsor and teach others the philosophy and physical practice of Iron Yogis.  Through this, we are hoping to create a network of teachers from many cultural backgrounds who can make a positive difference in their own communities and those they visit.

Iron Yogis: B1Being program


“Do you want to do a teaching that you like or something that will transform you?”  -Sadhguru-

2011 Dominican Republic. My translator, teaching assistant and new friend Djimmy. He was the first one to engage with me and helped me connect with the others who were interested.

In 2011 me and photojournalist Krystle Marcellus self funded a trip into Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic with the idea to work with the Haitian refugees living in Munoz.

We had no clue what to expect, didn’t know anyone there but we understood that we had something to share with others. This was the beginning of the Be1being Project.


Creating Balance Through Awareness

  • define, structure and align your being from the outside/in
  • Create a Viable Environment for Growth of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Be1being is program designed to encourage healthy living through movement, breath work, meditation and philosophies that encourage exploration of the world inside of us.

B1 is a collaboration of Eastern Warrior practices of mobility/strength and the modern body mechanics of the West. It is built on the principles of Yoga and Human Kinetics and incorporates the strength and movement philosophies of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu. Be1being’s fusion of theses Arts and Sciences creates a simple practice that is a cohesive blend of physical and mental awareness. We also use music and art to stimulate the imagination. This helps break the chains of modern times to emerge a feeling of balance from within. B1being restores a connection to the mind and reconnects you to the heart. Giving you better posture, greater mobility and a feeling of total balance.

These programs are simple and designed to assist those in areas who either lack the funding or the knowledge to better understand the world inside of them.


“Do you want to do a teaching that you like or something that will transform you?”  –Sadhguru



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