Meditative Strength Training®

Private training is being held at my Apt/studio in Fishtown Philadelphia on Girard ave

contact me for rates and details. sign up info

At Webb Fitness and MMA and coming soon to Royal Striking

Meditative Strength Training International Coach® (MST_IC)™

Iron Gump has been trained in Kung Fu internal and external arts by Master Keith Mazza for over ten years and has been Certified Yoga teacher for 7 years training and teaching in Maui, Hi – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Dominican Republic – Nigeria – Philadelphia and NYC.
Combat Yoga is a Meditative Strength Training® (MST) program that integrates the body and breath awareness of Kung Fu and Yoga. Like the monks at Shaolin temple you will learn to 1st use your body with more efficiency through alignment then learn to move it with the breath.  The key is the breath and connecting it to the body so that your physical exercises become moving meditations. 

While developing overall strength you will learn how to activate your A.B.S.S. This will allow you to find your “stillness in motion and the motion in stillness.”  

Alignment of the Body
Balancing of the Breath
Strengthening of the Heart
Stabilization of the Mind

Your muscles are like a chain that becomes weak when your body is out of alignment. When this happens you put unwanted stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons that hold the muscle to the bone.

MST Focus

  • Develop Core Stability. Within any physical practice it is important to have a stable core (abdomen and lower back) as this will protect you whether stretching or strengthening the muscles
  • Alignment Awareness. Alignment is the key to reducing the risk of injury. From your feet to your head you will learn how “Your” body feels in better alignment
  • Balanced Strength. Learn to connect the muscles like a chain so that the load is taken off the smaller muscles/joints, evenly distributing the load  throughout the muscles involved in the movement. This creates a feeling of solidity rather than the feeling of emptiness in the movements. Maneuvering on a sturdy bridge is easier than a loose rope.
  • Breathing. Learn to stabilize the breath while the body is active. This connection of breathing smoothly while the body is actively tense is the aim to achieve in balancing the body.

Come reconnect with the strength that lies within us all.

Offering services for Philadelphia, NJ and New York Area

The Iron Yogis slow flow and small class size will allow you to explore your own space deeper and give you time to understand the movements in your body.  
Learn secret breathing techniques (that are not secret, well kinda)

The classes are all levels, ages and the instructions are simple.


New locations for classes will be announced soon! Yet you can schedule small 3 person classes with me at my Fishtown location.

Iron Yogis 5 paths Martial Arts and Yoga conditioning

5paths – Body. Breath. Heart. Mind. Spirit.

is an simple yet expansive practice of the how we breathe and move as one, within ourselves and the world around us. The practice is that of balance, mobility and the strengthening of the will. 
Learn secret breathing techniques (that are not secret, well kinda)

The classes are all levels, ages and the instructions are simple.

Each class ends with a deep Svasana that is guided by flute and bells

(This class is a Martial Arts and Yoga body weight conditioning class that trains the Breath to be soft, gentle and slow while the body is active in stillness or movement.)

This class will be focusing on developing the base/root/ feet/breath/foundtaion and we will be sometimes going through a special sequence of Qi Gong breathing techniques and movements that my teacher Keith Mazza has taught me. I have been given me permission to teach these techniques by my teacher. They have been formulated with specific Iron Yogis movements to create a formula that can eventually become a practice you take home (booklets will eventually be made).


Also offering.

Sound Baths/Journeys a meditative musical experience.

  •  Corporate- private and group sessions are designed according to the needs of the client. 

I have worked along side Charlie of Wiggins Remedy Partners Inc. creating  a musical space for people to meditate, relax and let go. I also set the tone for corporate retreats, office openings and informative talks for the last 6years ( ) and more recently for Mental Health Week with Quartet Health (

Contact @ for details concerning rates and availability.

  • One on One Sound Journeys with Iron Gump 

These sessions are designed as a way for individuals to guide themselves into deeper recesses of their imaginations.

Each Sound Journey is guided utilizing flutes, gongs, bells, guitar, voice, singing bowls and other vibrational instruments as well as some light massage on the hands feet and head.
The sessions are personally tailored to each person’s desire to explore themselves deeper to begin to open or close the doorways of the spirit.
An initial consultation is recommended but not a necessity as the first few minutes of each session can be used for discussion.
“The work is energy please consider and understand that I will not be taking any dark from you yet reminding you of where you may have placed your light.”
This is only acts as a part of the work that you may need to do to find that space your looking to be in or out of.  So consider more than one answer to the questions you may have about your mind, body and spirit because there is not ONE answer yet they all stem from the same source.

Looking for spaces to teach in Philadelphia and New Jersey.  For a private or group session/classes


Other services

Tai Chi/Qi gong  for seniors: balance and mobility training. This class is designed to address the lack of mobility and balance in most older (and younger) people. I taught this class for 2 years in Maui 3 days a week at 808 fitness and also had a small private group that i taught at their house.

Haleakala Maui, HI

I am also looking for places to travel to and teach. Anywhere in the world. So if you know of an organization, studio or private client that would be interested in the Yogic/Qi-gong awareness programs.

Have them contact me via email.



Andrew Johnson-Lally

I have been training with Gump personally for over a year and a half and I can honesty say that what he has taught me has been some of the most beneficial information that I’ve learned. I went I into this knowing nothing about yoga or strength training and over the course of my time spent with him I have learned so much about the way your body functions as a whole and how to maintain this function on a daily basis. What I have learned through his training has helped me physically as much as it has mentally and i continue to use it on my own. I look forward to getting the opportunity to train with him again.

Lisa Handa

I had taken many yoga classes before working with Iron Gump…and after one Combat Yoga class, no other classes are the same. He teaches from his heart and you feel that mind-body-breath connection that is so important in yoga. Working at your own pace, listening to your body, taking care of it, and using your breathing to control your moves and focus your thoughts are all techniques that Gump teaches and is very knowledgeable about. My strength, flexibility, and my ability to relax and de-stress have improved greatly since beginning a few months ago and have also helped me in my other fitness related activities. I promise that if you don’t already love yoga, you will definitely change your mind after working with Gump.

Christine Anderson

I started practicing Combat Yoga a few months ago with Iron Gump at MPR Endurance, I have to admit i never thought yoga of any form was of any interest to me until I tried this class. I didn’t realize how important alignment, breathing and core strength were to overall strength and muscle function. Since practicing under Gump’s instruction my my awareness of my body position has improved drastically from how i sit at my desk at work to how i perform a squat while working out, I highly recommend trying Combat Yoga at Gump’s instruction, he’s very passionate about his practice and it shows!

in a world of make believe…….let us believe in what we make



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